Eldon Grant Live Event February 24, 2018

Hidden In The One Place You Cannot Look

Hi. My name is Eldon Grant, author of the Granted Wisdom book series and creator of the Solve Every Problem in your Life System™; a series of talks, trainings and retreats that will enable you, if you are willing, to solve every problem that will ever come your way. I have some things to share with you that will challenge everything you think you know about success and empower you to climb to heights you never thought possible.

Well over two decades ago, I was 34 years old and on the verge of losing virtually everything of significant value in my life (my health, spirituality, self-esteem, wife, children, friends, business, etc.). In a desperate attempt to discover solutions to my own problems, I inadvertently stumbled into a world that I never knew existed before and embarked on a journey that I had no capacity to imagine was possible for me. It was a journey that eventually led me to focus on discovering and learning the secret and ancient principles of success and prosperity. These principles have actually been taught since the beginning of recorded history, but even today they have remained entirely hidden from nearly everyone.

These principles enable any willing person to discover and live in harmony with what I have come to call “The principles that lead to wisdom and control the laws of creation” and by so doing, create the life of prosperity you were born for. The benefits you will gain by living these principles don’t merely pertain to monetary or career prosperity. They affect absolutely every aspect of your life! You may have heard a great deal about positive thinking, prayer, affirmations, meditation, the law of attraction, etc., and while these are all wonderful principles, in and of themselves, they can never produce the lifestyle you seek. On the other hand, there is a synergistic group of principles that put you in control of these ultimate Laws of Creation. They delve infinitely deeper into a literally unlimited future of perpetual compound returns. But they are cleverly hidden, in the one place you cannot look, which is just beyond what you think you already know. Here are some of the things you will learn from studying and applying these secret and ancient principles:

  1. That you were born a creator and how to create the exact life you were born to live.
  2. The two most powerful forces on earth and how to control them rather than be controlled by them.
  3. The great myths that keep you from creating what you want and the truths that bring miracles to you.
  4. Successfully solve every problem that comes your way.
  5. How to eliminate negative stress.
  6. How to fall in love with life.
  7. How to have the exact right amount of time to do exactly what you want.
  8. Receive powerful insights and inspirations on a consistent basis.
  9. Formulas you can use immediately to quantum-leap your life to new levels.
  10. Recognize which opportunities and ideas you should act on and which you should pass up.
  11. Discover the universal measuring tape to determine where you are and measure every step in every area of your life (even those areas you thought could not be measured).
  12. How to bypass your fears.
  13. Enjoy genuine peace of mind, regardless of your circumstances.
  14. Earn the abiding respect and love from others that you desire.
  15. Achieve lasting financial security.
  16. Know the very best thing(s) to do at any given point in time.
  17. Become the kind of leader who naturally, even inadvertently leaves a wake of goodness behind, everywhere you go.

And so much more!