Eldon Grant Live Event February 24, 2018

Excerpts From Granted Wisdom

Hidden in the one place you cannot look


Hi. My name is Eldon Grant, author of the Granted Wisdom book series and creator of the Solve Every Problem in your Life System™; a series of talks, trainings and retreats that will enable you, if you are willing, to solve every problem that will ever come your way. I have some things to share with you that will challenge everything you think you know about success and empower you to climb to heights you never thought possible.

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Continue Your Journey with Compound Increase

The fact is, you were born a creator, and your life today is simply the exact result of all the choices you have made and formulas you’ve applied in the past. Tomorrow will shift exactly according to the formulas you apply today. Fortunately, that means with the right additional education—within the right perspectives, you can learn to create the life that you were born to live—an amazing life. You are always creating; the trick is to discover this synergistic group of principles that put you in control of the Laws of Creation and then how to apply them correctly.

My Granted Wisdom book series, talks, trainings and retreats are designed to get you started and keep you excited your entire life, along your personal journey of self-evolution, a journey filled with delightful and simple discoveries about the nature of the universe and your unique part in it. Based on the wisdom of the greatest teachers, wise men, and wise women who have lived throughout the millennia of human existence, this will be a breathtaking journey that will fill you with love, excitement, fulfillment, and life more abundant, as well as a passion to share it with those around you.

What you remember can make you smart; but ONLY what you discover can make you wise.