Eldon Grant Live Event February 24, 2018

I grew up a hard-core Utah cowboy. As my life unfolded I became a successful carpenter and I met and married my own personal angel in 1980. I had all the ingredients for a perfect life….at least it appeared I did.

By age 34 however, my life was in a major decline…I felt everything crumbling all around me. I was on the verge of losing virtually everything of significant value in my life: my marriage, children, health, friends, home, business, self-esteem, etc. I was desperate for solutions, but didn't know where to turn or who to talk to. That was a little over 2 decades ago and, looking back, it was the lowest point of my entire life.

One of the most frightening things I could imagine at the time was someone else finding out I had problems but I also knew that if I didn't get help, things would get worse and that was not an option. I forced myself to ask a few people I considered to be successful for advice.

To my surprise, I discovered that their achievements came from advantages that I’d never had making their successes not possible for me to duplicate. But I also didn't expect them to have so many of their own financial, marital, family, business, and personal problems. The experience left me more frustrated and even more desperate to discover where I could find real answers.


After an entire year of searching, without even a glimmer of hope, I found myself awake one night with terrible insomnia and flipping through the channels on the TV. Here I was, at 1:00 am, trying to find something to relieve my brain, emotions, and aching spirit. To my chagrin, nothing was playing that caught my attention. I continued to hit the channel up button when suddenly, as I skipped past an infomercial, I heard a voice, as clear as a bell say "Watch this guy.""

A little irritated with the idea of actually watching an infomercial, I continued to change the channel. The moment it came around again however, the voice repeated, "Watch this guy!" I shifted uncomfortably and began to argue. "Infomercials are so below me, I wouldn't waste my time!"

Another round through the channels and as that infomercial flashed on the screen once again the voice returned "Watch this guy". Irritated, I finally relented, "OK, OK! There obviously isn't anything else to watch."

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To my surprise I found myself actually intrigued with what "this guy" said. I learned his name was Robert G. Allen. I had never heard of him before but he was talking about real estate investment and had some pretty simple ideas. I thought: "I could do that," and so I did something I had never done before…I ordered his book.

Now, you have to understand, at this point, I had only read about ten books in my entire life, and most of those where in elementary school with titles like Dick and Jane, Sam and the Snake Bite Kit, and a few from Dr. Seuss. After high school I vowed I would never read another book for the rest of my life and up until this time I had succeeded at that goal. So ordering this book was no small leap of faith.

Several times I fought off a jolt of fear that the person answering the phone to take my order would think I must be a failure to be calling. After I hung up, a terrible feeling engulfed my mind and body…"what in the world, have you done Eldon? How are you going to explain this? Have you gone completely stupid?" I shuddered and wished I could go back and change my decision.


After the book arrived, I started to read. I will forever remember the powerful feelings that washed through my whole body making me shake as the words from the pages twisted in my mind and appeared to address me personally. "Eldon", I could hear him say, "I can teach you all the techniques and strategies to become a successful real estate investor, but they will never do you any good until you change the way you view and think about yourself. Your life can never improve by any significant degree until you begin to feel worthy of improvements."

"Now," the author continued, "I am not an expert in the personal development arena. However, I have travelled extensively and found the world's leading authorities in this field. I have put together a set of cassette tapes from them specifically for you. I suggest you start here." I had never heard anyone talk like that, and yet it had such a familiar ring… I believed him so I ordered the tapes.


When they arrived, I opened the package; still uncomfortable. I looked over the twelve authors' names and titles. I had never heard of any of these people before, except one and I didn’t know anything about him. I pulled out a tape that sounded intriguing: "Seeds of Greatness" by Denis Waitley. When I plugged it in, I was not prepared for what I heard and could never have imagined in my wildest dreams the incredible journey I had just begun.


For the next 45 minutes that man captivated me like nothing I had ever experienced. He addressed every question I had been asking for the previous year and turned me onto an entirely new world that I had never before imagined. Immediately, I adopted this as my new home. These people instantly became my role models, mentors and eventually my best friends. I listened to them everywhere I went and literally became their apprentice.

I began to discover many more works by authors and trainers and studied everything I could get my hands on. After a few years of this almost constant diet, I reached another drastic fork in my road. I began to recognize that just because someone had written a book or two or ten and may even be famous, did NOT mean that they really understood the truth.


In fact, I finally realized why many of my role models cautioned me to be careful who I took advice from. Quite a few of those additional authors, books and programs I'd studied were teaching information that sounded good on the surface but at a deeper level, was contrary to the unchangeable laws of the harvest I had become familiar with while working with crops and animals on the farm as well as the laws of integrity and beauty I discovered, working in the cabinet shop, and on construction projects. They were dead wrong and time would sooner or later prove they were wrong as winter time finds them starving to death from lack of an intrinsically valuable harvest.

I began to recognize much more than ever before that there really is a “higher intelligence” that I can tap into. It is ultimately wise and has my best interest at heart. It however only speaks with a “still-small voice” and takes effort and practice to hear and understand properly. Every time I follow that guidance, things work out better than I could ever plan in the long run. Also, that when I let my own voice over-ride that one, regardless of how pleasurable or valuable it seems in the moment, I eventually crash and burn.

Soon I was discovering that these universal laws and principles not only govern farming and construction but relationships, health, organizations, families, money, time, even spirituality, etc. They provide unique, creative and permanent solutions to problems of every kind. They are basic cause-and-effect, love, what makes things grow and what makes them die, what enables us to create a return on investment, and what is a waste of our precious resources and brings painful consequences, who to listen carefully to and who to avoid, etc.

I immediately made a new iron-clad pact with myself: I would never again study anyone's work until I had determined who they are and verified that they are producing superior results in their own lives, especially in the areas in which they are giving advice…and not just temporary illusions of success, but the kind of success that positively compounds forever. Their teachings must harmonize perfectly with core universal laws; and they have to prove that not just in their careers, but with the results they produce in their personal and family lives as well.

A whole new world began to unfold before me. That is when I became fiercely intrigued with this thing called “principles.” I began digging much deeper into the timeless truths that have always governed men's and women's success. I immersed myself in literally thousands more tapes, books, training programs, and courses. I sought out real world wisdom everywhere I could find it and discovered it is the rarest thing on earth.

I learned that just about everything I had accepted as truth about success in life was wrong. I had to change virtually everything in my thought processes to match the truth. Not that the information at its origin was wrong, necessarily, but that as it had transferred through other peoples' interpretations, even when their intentions were pure, it had lost its integrity.


The truths I began to uncover perfectly aligned themselves with the realities of the past, the present, and the future. They brought clarity and even miraculous logic to a much bigger and all inclusive view of life itself. Many times I thought I was discovering things that no one else knew, but I was surprised to find that these truths have been documented since the beginning of recorded history. The reason most people, including the majority of "the elite", don't understand them is that they are hidden in the very place people cannot look, just beyond what they think they already know.

It isn't until you have the courage to stop searching for answers, face your fears, be willing to give up your false sense of security, start asking questions again like you did as a child, and begin again to push yourself to expand your potential, that the solutions are opened up to you. Like the old Chinese proverb, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”, these principles, when adhered to, deliver a powerful, detailed roadmap to true success in every aspect of life. They will enable you to turn any problem into an opportunity and happily solve it. These principles wash away the fears lurking in your mind about your importance, capability, effectiveness, and worthiness.

After more than two decades of traveling this path, my marriage is stronger than ever, in fact, virtually every area of my life has drastically improved. My spirituality is stronger than ever and even in times of struggle there is an inner peace that courses through me with a promise of an ever increasingly bigger and brighter future. Most of all, for the first time in my life, I absolutely love being me.


Whether you are overwhelmed with problems, tired of living as a shadow of your real self, find yourself with seemingly insurmountable problems, settling for mediocrity, struggling with fears and insecurities, seem to have hit a dead-end, or even if you believe you are at the top of your mountain, I urge you to take this next step and join me as we travel a higher road. It's certainly not the easy road, but a brighter, far more exciting and rewarding one than you have ever travelled before.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to get to know you, share what I have learned, and travel with you as you discover and unlock your own ultimate potential through this new land of miracles.