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  • It isn’t what you do

    that makes you small or great, it’s why you choose to do it.
    ~Eldon Grant
  • You were born a creator;

    don’t die a duplicator.
    ~Eldon Grant
  • Everyone says

    they want things to change for the better, but only a few have been willing to change the things that will bring the desired results.
    ~Eldon Grant
  • Your choices today

    are only the symptoms of your decisions from yesterday. The only chance for positive change is to make better decisions today, so you have a better selection of choices tomorrow.
    ~Eldon Grant
  • The evolutionary ability

    to reason in pursuit of higher ideals is encoded in the fundamental programming of human souls.
    ~Eldon Grant
  • What you memorize

    can make you knowledgeable, but only what you discover can make you wise.
    ~Eldon Grant
  • Time and truth

    are inseparable allies who always edify each other in the long run.
    ~Eldon Grant
  • The quickest way

    to see miracles flow into your life is to be the miracle in someone else’s life.
    ~Eldon Grant
  • It is perfectly acceptable

    and often important to beat yourself up-but it is never acceptable to leave yourself wounded.
    ~Eldon Grant
  • Needs are simply

    the wants that you decide you are not willing to live without.
    ~Eldon Grant
  • You are the architect

    of your dreams and the master builder of your reality.
    ~Eldon Grant
  • True success

    can only be discovered within the simplicity beyond complexity. Because the simplicity this side of complexity is naivety, while the simplicity beyond is wisdom.
    ~Eldon Grant